Learn Engineering

Learn directly from Industry Professionals and Engineers. Gain a competitive advantage by building projects alongside the course with direct ties to engineering careers. Get a taste of engineering before you commit to a full degree program or career change.

  • Learn from Engineers, not Professors. We'll tell you what it's like to work as an engineer in the field.

  • Apply formulas to projects. Learn how the theory ties in with your electronic device. Then build it yourself.

  • Create a Technical Portfolio. Walk away with a working portfolio that you can showcase on a resume or application.

On a Mission to Help 1 Million People Learn Robotics

Your Robotics Engineer & Instructor

I created Learn Robotics because I wanted to help people gain hands-on technical career skills quickly without feeling frustrated.

No matter if you’re here for a new hobby or a career path, I’m here to help you through your robotics journey.

Welcome to Learn Robotics!

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Liz Miller, Founder of Learn Robotics

Taught by Engineers from Top Institutions

Top Skills to Learn Robotics

We prepare you for a successful tech career

  • Learn Coding

    Robots use computer code to navigate, make decisions, and respond. We'll decipher the world of coding as it applies to robots.

  • Learn Electronics

    Interface your code with a controller. We'll show you how to read electronic schematics (diagrams) and work with sensors.

  • Learn Mechanics

    Build working devices and learn about motors and mechanisms. Plus, learn how to assemble a robot from start to finish.

Explore the world of robotics engineering

Before committing to an expensive and lengthy degree program, you can learn from robotics engineers and industry professionals. Gain technical skills on-demand, from anywhere, while building your project portfolio.
  • Materials Included

    Not sure what to buy? Our programs include the hardware and materials needed to build the projects.

  • Learn by doing

    The best way to Learn Robotics is to build a robot! We'll show you how through videos, demos, and more!

  • Growing Community

    Come for the knowledge and stay for the community. Network and share ideas with students crazy about robots!

  • All Level Learning

    Dive deep with over 100+ lessons designed to walk you through fundamental to advanced robotics skills.

  • Projects and Quizzes

    Cement your knowledge with guides, projects, and quizzes. Walk away with working technical projects and skills.

  • 24/7 Access

    On-demand videos make it easy to learn on your schedule. Watch, build, study, and learn!

Common Questions

  • Who is Learn Robotics for?

    Learn Robotics is designed for beginner learners interested in robotics. We provide the materials, content, and projects to inspire students to pursue technical careers while gaining tangible skills. If you're just starting out, we recommend starting with Level 1 and then moving to Level 2.

  • I have coding and tech experience. Is this for me?


    If you've never programmed hardware before, we recommend starting with Level 1.

    If you have intermediate programming skills, we recommend signing up for the Level 1 and Level 2 Robotics Engineering Bundle.

    If you have an advanced 4-year+ Robotics Engineering Degree, then this probably isn't for you unless you need a quick refresher!

  • Can adults, teens, and kids sign up for Learn Robotics?

    Thousands of students (young and adult) have taken Learn Robotics courses. If you're interested in tech and you like robots, we encourage you to try us out!

    If you have a child (ages 8-10), we recommend that an adult is present to help with some of the assembly and course instructions.

  • Can students learn by themselves or do they need a teacher?

    All of the courses are designed for both self-learning and guided instruction. Each module includes interactive videos and step-by-step information as well as auto-graded quizzes. Students can learn by themselves and interact with their Learn Robotics instructor virtually.

  • Are these classes live?

    Learn Robotics classes are self-paced and available 24/7. Students can interact with Learn Robotics Instructors during regular business hours and non-holidays (M-F 9 am-5 pm EST) using our built-in Live Chat system.

  • What's the difference between Level 1 and Level 2?

    Level 1 is our first course that covers the fundamentals of computer programming and electronic circuits by creating a device. Level 2 is our second course where students can build mobile robots. We recommend taking Level 1 first and then moving to Level 2.

  • What's included with my enrollment?

    We include everything you need to take our course and build the projects. Online course access, live chat with a Learn Robotics Instructor, plus all of the hardware you need to create the projects. In the end, you'll also receive a Learn Robotics Certificate that you can showcase on any professional application.

  • What if I need help? Can I work with somone?

    Yes, we have a built-in live chat system that will connect you with a Learn Robotics Instructor. You can ask questions and receive help while you're working through the courses.

  • How do I get my kit?

    Once you sign up, we'll provide instructions on how to receive your kit. Right now we ship to the U.S. and Canada. Shipping is $10 for Level 1 and $20 for Level 1 + 2 within the Continental U.S. For countries outside the U.S., additional shipping charges will be applied at checkout.

Prepare for Success

College, Careers, and Beyond! Robotics is one of the top paying fields. No matter if you're just starting out or you're looking for a change, we can help!