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Become Robot-Ready & Equipped for the Future

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    1) Join and Learn

    Lessons are value-packed and easy to follow with demos and code reviews. (No previous experience required!)

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    2) Work on Projects

    Build a portfolio of technical projects using code, industry-standard hardware, and robotics.

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    3) Unlock your Tech Brain

    Add your skills to be competitive on your college application or your resume. Apply your skills in the workforce.

Why Learn Robotics?

Our courses are carefully curated to help you gain experience creating, building, and making robots so that you're prepared for a technical future.

  • Learn Anytime

    Access the Learn Robotics course to complete the modules anytime, from anywhere. All you need is internet and a desire to learn robotics!

  • Advance your Career

    Develop expertise in robotics that employers are looking for. We'll show you how to supplement your skills and add robotics! Plus, you can ask us questions every step of the way!

  • Learn from Robotics Experts

    Work with Robotics Engineer (and Learn Robotics Founder), Liz Miller. Liz has extensive robotics experience across Research Labs, Fortune 50 companies, and robotics startups.

Learn Robotics was created by Liz Miller, Robotics Engineer, as a way to help self-starters, hobbyists, and professionals become successful in the robotics industry.

The Learn Robotics Program

The Learn Robotics Course Package is a 65-hour, 150-module, 2-part, masterclass going into full detail on how to start, build, and create robots.

Inside this program, we'll cover every step and topic, from A to Z, on building robots so you can leverage my experience (and expertise) to upskill your technical or robotics aptitude with minimal friction and variables.

This is the program I wish I had prior to attending engineering school for robotics engineering. It combines my experiences from engineering school with the technical know-how and processes that I gained while working as an engineer in the robotics industry.

This program is a good fit if you want to join the ranks of hundreds of students, and build your own automated gadgets, robots, and software to level up your experiences before pursuing technical projects or advanced degrees.

Student Success Stories

Here's what our students have to say...

This is an awesome course!

Sarah R. | Mechanical Engineering Student

Learn Robotics is great for picking up robotics skills quickly. I was surprised how fast I learned how to code in this program. Learn Robotics is a winner and I love that I can reach out to Liz when I have questions!!

I enjoyed this course a lot

Chris B. | Business Degree to Coding

My friend recommended to start learning programming, I had no previous experience, and wanted to do more in robotics than just code. I found Learn Robotics and signed up and was impressed with how structured and easy it was to follow along. If you want a course that will actually help you get good at robotics, this is it.

I've always enjoyed technical projects and wanted to get into robotics.

James T. | Mechanical Engineer to Robotics

I'm a retired engineer. I don't have a lot of experience with robotics, but I've been looking for something to keep my skills sharp. This course has a lot of projects and exercises that help you apply concepts in circuits and robotics. I am feeling much more confident in my technical abilities and plan to take the robotics course from Liz as well.

Wanting to learn coding to improve my career

Kevin P. | Corporate Finance to Robotics

This course was challenging but exciting when I got the device working. My background is in finance so I'm not really a robotics or tech person, but I know how important it is to have these skills. I decided to join the course so that I can learn more about automation and coding. It turns out that I'm pretty good at both. Thanks, Liz for helping me during the course. I'd recommend joining this course if you're looking for a fun and challenging way to break into robotics.

10/10 recommend this course

Kayla M. | Biology to Robotics

We're seeing more robotics in my biology lab so I wanted to get more background on how they work. I decided to take this course to learn how to write some basic software and work with sensors. Liz is super knowledgeable about robots and makes the program really interactive and is available to answer questions. I've taken many online courses, but this is one that I'd recommend the most!

The online course where you can get questions answered

Travis J. | Hobbyist in Robotics

This course was the only one where I could ask questions to the instructor and actually have them answered. I like online courses but this one lets you work directly with Liz. She's even sent me videos with exactly what to do to fix my code. Really enjoying the setup of this. A+ in my books.

When you finish the Learn Robotics Program...

  • Start Building Robots: you'll have your first robot built (if not already) and know exactly how to set up the code, circuits, and mechanisms.

  • Make YOUR Projects: what to do if you want to make your own robots, how to debug and troubleshoot common issues, and how to set up test labs so you can create robots from anywhere.

  • Automate & Innovate Projects: how to apply coding, electronics, and robotics to daily life, and better understand technology in the world today

  • The Good AND the Bad: know how to unravel broken projects, troubleshoot, and fix issues when they come up & my process for fixing just about any issue on your robot.

  • Expand Your Knowledge: have a foundation to expand into further areas of studies in robotics. This program will prepare you for technical careers, engineering school, and beyond!

Enrollment Packages

Please note that all prices are subject to change, so if you're on the fence about joining then now is the time to get in.

4.9/5 Student Ratings