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    1) Watch and Learn

    Lessons are value-packed and easy to follow with demos and code reviews. (No previous experience required!)

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    2) Work on Projects

    Build a portfolio of technical projects using code, industry-standard hardware, and robotics.

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    3) Unlock your Tech Brain

    Add your skills to be competitive on your college application or your resume. Apply your skills in the workforce.

Student Wins

Recent Student Successes (Yours is next)

Julia — Zero robotics background to pursuing Mechanical Engineering career.

Allen — Confident to pursue engineering projects. Won multiple Science Fairs with Tech Invention

If you're interested in technology, you're probably wondering,"How do I get started in coding?"

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    I don't know where to start... I'm not sure what language to choose or if coding is even for me

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    I don't have as much technical knowledge as I'd like to... I'm feeling overwhelmed by choices

  • 🤷‍♂️

    I don't know what to do... I get started and then get stuck on what the next step is

  • 💥

    I don't have anyone to help me... It would be easier if I had someone I could talk to about code

  • 💰

    I don't want student loans... I'm afraid it'll cost too much to go to college

  • ​I want these skills quickly... I don't want to waste years in a degree program

  • But you're not alone, these are challenges faced by everyone when trying to figure out how to code and improve their careers.

    What if there was an easy way to get started with coding and robotics and use these skills in a matter of weeks?

    The truth is, you don't need to be good at math, have a degree in advance software engineering, or even need a lot of prior knowledge to succeed with coding.

    THE TRUTH IS, everyone faces these same challenges when trying to improve their coding and robotics skills.


  • 👩‍💻 🧑‍💻 Practice with Code

    You will gain experience using industry-standard coding languages and best practices so that your portfolio is full of real-world experience.

  • 😁 🏆 Personal Satisfaction

    Challenge yourself to think bigger and solve engineering and coding problems. Use your skills to land a high-paying job.

  • 💬 💁‍♂️ Growing Community

    Come for the knowledge and stay for the community. Network and share ideas with students crazy about robots!

Tuition & Enrollment

Learn Robotics in less than 12 months (without previous experience or knowledge — get "robot-ready" with our simple blueprint)

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4.9/5 Student Ratings

Learn To Code Now

Write Your First Lines of Code Today

With over 85 Million Robotics Jobs Expected by 2025, it's time to upgrade your technical toolbelt. Learn Robotics can help!

You will learn how to code, build circuits, make robots, and have the life-long critical thinking skills to design your own projects. You can gain technical skills on-demand, from anywhere, while building your project portfolio.


  • Which course will help me learn to code?

    All of them! If you want to focus only on coding (we use C/C++), then start in Level 1. You can always add Level 2 later!

  • Which course will show me how to build a robot?

    Coding & Robotics Training (Bundle) and Level 2: Robotics.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    Your enrollment includes 1-year unlimited access to the full training course. Once you enroll, you have instant access to start learning now.

    Note: You'll have 10-day access to the 5-Day Crash Course.

  • Are the robots included?

    Robots, tools, and parts are sold separately. We estimate about $100-$200 in material costs in addition to the tuition for course enrollment. The first module of the course talks about what you need and how to buy it.

  • Why should I take this course?

    To easily learn to code and learn how to build robots without any guesswork. If you follow our program you have no choice but to advance your technical skills.

  • Who is Learn Robotics for?

    Learn Robotics is designed for beginners looking for an easy way to get into coding and robotics.

  • Will I earn a Certificate?

    If you complete the modules and submit a final project, then yes! We'll send you a digital certificate that you can showcase on your resume/LinkedIn.

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