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EXCLUSIVE TRAINING: Sneak Peak into Working with Liz in her Robotics Mentorship Program


Learn what is it like to work as an Industrial Automation Engineer at a Systems Integrator or Fortune 500 Company.

We've helped dozens of 6-Figure Tech Professionals break past their "career plateau" by becoming "micro-experts" in the Robotics Industry in 90-days or less...

...without formal "robotics" degrees so that they can work on high-impact projects, leave a legacy, and get paid top-dollar for their technical expertise.

I’m Liz Miller, a Robotics Expert, former Raytheon Engineer, and the founder of Learn Robotics.

My company has helped dozens of high-level professionals who want a unique, interactive learning environment where they can work alongside experts and build real robotics skills that can be applied directly to highly desirable careers.

Who says you can’t do that too?

My Clients walk away with multiple $100,000 skills, landing top roles at Amazon, Raytheon, Carrier, Pratt & Whitney, in highly-desired fields such as:
- Coding
- Electronics
- Mechanics

- Robotics/Automation

- Quality/Testing
- Debugging/Troubleshooting
- Communication/Presentation
- IT/Networking
- And More!

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Our Programs Support Professionals looking for Interactive Projects & Community

"Definitely recommend Learn Robotics to others..."

~Tom W. Learn Robotics Client

The meeting [with Learn Robotics] was fun, informative, and interesting. In only 30 minutes covered a lot of territories. This is an awesome resource! Will be definitely recommending Learn Robotics to others! 🌟 5/5

"From our multiple conversations, the best part I’ve always appreciated is her ability to construct a game plan about the goals you want to achieve."

~ Angel P. Learn Robotics Client

Liz is a well-rounded roboticist as she has studied, worked, and researched the robotics industry. I've met with other engineers and from experiences, I can say this, 'Everyone can provide advice, but very few can provide it with context and action behind it.'" 🌟 5/5

"It's sad when a project you're working on reaches a standstill...well what do I do now?

Liz helped me map out the next steps that I can take to make progress on my robot..."

~Robert Learn Robotics Client

I didn't know where to head next in my project. I decided to work with Liz to have her help me map out the next steps. I have a mechanical background and have never programmed a walk cycle. This gave me clarity on what to do next to move forward with my robot and get it programmed and working! 🌟 5/5

What Students are Saying...

“Learn Robotics is great for picking up robotics skills quickly. I was surprised how fast I learned how to code in this program. Learn Robotics is a winner and I love that I can reach out to Liz when I have questions!!”

“My friend recommended to start learning programming, I had no previous experience, and wanted to do more in robotics than just code. I found Learn Robotics and signed up and was impressed with how structured and easy it was to follow along. If you want a course that will actually help you get good at robotics, this is it.”

“I'm a retired engineer. I don't have a lot of experience with robotics, but I've been looking for something to keep my skills sharp. This course has a lot of projects and exercises that help you apply concepts in circuits and robotics. I am feeling much more confident in my technical abilities and plan to take the robotics course from Liz as well. ”

“This course was challenging but exciting when I got the device working. My background is in finance so I'm not really a robotics or tech person, but I know how important it is to have these skills. I decided to join the course so that I can learn more about automation and coding. It turns out that I'm pretty good at both. Thanks, Liz for helping me during the course. I'd recommend joining this course if you're looking for a fun and challenging way to break into robotics.”

“We're seeing more robotics in my biology lab so I wanted to get more background on how they work. I decided to take this course to learn how to write some basic software and work with sensors. Liz is super knowledgeable about robots and makes the program really interactive and is available to answer questions. I've taken many online courses, but this is one that I'd recommend the most!”

“This course was the only one where I could ask questions to the instructor and actually have them answered. I like online courses but this one lets you work directly with Liz. She's even sent me videos with exactly what to do to fix my code. Really enjoying the setup of this. A+ in my books.”

Meet Liz Miller, your instructor!

Liz Miller is a robotics engineer with 10+ years of experience who has worked at companies such as Raytheon Technologies, Pratt & Whitney, and Carrier Corporation.

Enroll in our courses, and Learn Robotics with Liz!

Liz found out that she had a knack for working on robots after accidentally attending a robotics club session. Now, she's on a mission to bring others into the robotics industry.

Robotics = Applied Coding + Problem Solving

Liz has a bachelor's degree in Robotics engineering from WPI and worked as a Robotics Engineer, Automation Engineer, and Manufacturing Engineer at Fortune 50 companies. She's taught thousands of students how to get their start in robotics through online courses, and live workshops through Learn Robotics.

Her students have a 99% success rate and the majority go on to pursue advanced careers, leveraging robotics and automation skills they used from her courses. 🌟 4.9/5

She's also the founder and engineer behind Learn Robotics, a successful robotics training company with over 1 million+ visitors and 10's of thousands of students globally.

When you join a Learn Robotics program, you'll get the power of high-value training backed by industry expertise.

"Anyone can do robotics with the right instruction. It’s not just for Einsteins…"

~Samuel J. Learn Robotics Client

If you’re concerned it will take you 6-12 months to learn robotics skills, it took me about 5 weeks and I was only working on it a little bit. I wouldn’t have picked up robotics anywhere near as fast as I was able to in the Learn Robotics program. 🌟 5/5

Helping Women Get into Robotics & Technical Fields

"Liz at Learn Robotics is fantastic!"

~ Michelle H. Learn Robotics Parent

Our daughter completed Level One last year and loved it so much she asked me to register her for Level Two. As a female planning to become an engineer, our daughter was extremely encouraged by Liz in her work. She also learned so much and it provided the spark for her to pursue engineering as a career. Thank you Liz for an amazing program! 🌟 5/5

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