Dominate the Competition

and Elevate Your Skills with Robotics and Automation

  • Technical Training

    Get up to speed with how to think about robotics projects. Then use this knowledge to create your own robots (and apply it to other fields).

  • Have a Competitive Edge

    We'll show you how to get into top schools, get promoted, change careers, and beat the competition. Not a lot of people know robotics, so you'll stand out from the crowd!

  • Improve Your Mind

    This isn't a training where you'll copy a bunch of stuff and that's it. We're going to stretch you to think critically and apply concepts as engineers do. Having a tough mind will help you achieve greatness in engineering and in life.

Your Roadmap to Robotics

Gain the skills you need to go from zero experience in robotics to working devices and robots!

  • Improve your Technical Repertoire: Understand Coding, Hardware, and Robotics - Build your first robot!

  • Career Excellence: Understand how to apply engineering concepts, get into a top college or role, make more money, and have a job you love!

  • Think like an Engineer: You'll become a better problem-solver and critical thinker, which is invaluable for all areas of your life.

If You're Getting into Robotics, You Should Do It Right.

Why be frustrated and waste time when I can show you exactly what to do to be successful?

Over the last decade, I've been working in the field of robotics both as an engineer and an educator. I received my Robotics Engineering degree from WPI. My experience ranges from Quadrotor research at UPenn to working 1-to-1 with students at MIT.

As an automation professional, I worked on Industrial Robots that built Aerospace Components at Raytheon Technologies. If there was ever a person to Learn Robotics from, it's me!

Robotics is fun to learn, but sometimes, you might need a little help.

That's why when you enroll, you'll be matched with a knowledgeable engineer who you can work with while you're taking our courses.

No matter if you’re here for a new hobby or just starting down your career path, we're here to help you through your robotics journey.

Welcome to Learn Robotics!

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Liz Miller, Robotics Engineer
Your Robotics Guide

Invest in your Technical Mind

We can't learn for you, but we can show you exactly what to do.


  • Who is Learn Robotics for?

    Learn Robotics is designed for beginner learners interested in robotics. We provide the materials, content, and projects to inspire students to pursue technical careers while gaining tangible skills. If you're just starting out, we recommend starting with Level 1 and then moving to Level 2.

  • I have coding and tech experience. Is this for me?


    If you've never programmed hardware before, we recommend starting with Level 1.

    If you have intermediate programming skills, we recommend signing up for the Level 1 and Level 2 Robotics Engineering Bundle.

    If you have an advanced 4-year+ Robotics Engineering Degree, then this probably isn't for you unless you need a quick refresher!

  • What if I need help? Can I work with someone?

    Yes, we have a built-in live chat system that will connect you with a Learn Robotics Instructor. You can ask questions and receive help while you're working through the courses.

    For individualized, 1-to-1 training, you can apply for our Elite Engineering Academy and work with Liz directly.

With 85 Million New Jobs in Automation, now is the time to Learn Robotics

Jumpstart your career in robotics with the tools you need to gain technical skills on-demand.