How the Engineering Bundle will Help You Learn Robotics

We take beginners through our process of learning to code, wiring electronics, and making robots. In this program, you'll get step-by-step instruction and learn our repeatable process to make infinite robotics and automation projects.

Level 1: Coding Mastery for Beginners

This on-demand Learn Robotics Course will teach you the fundamentals of coding and circuits by showing you how to build electronic prototypes and working tech projects.

Learn to code by programming something physical - even if you don't have any experience

Understand the process for creating circuit prototypes - and repeat this process for custom gadgets you want to make

✅ Walk away with the right foundation to feel confident making robots

Feel prepared and ready to advance your skills in our Level 2 course, Mobile Robots for Beginners.

Level 2: Mobile Robots for Beginners

By taking this course you’ll develop foundational robotics and automation skills that will help you develop mobile robots to solve real-world challenges.

Learn to code robots - by developing libraries and using sensors to make decisions

Understand the process for building, programming, and testing - mobile robots and repeat this process for any robot you make i the future

✅ Walk away with the confidence to speak about robots and innovations in technology

Have the tools and experience to advance your skills by building custom projects, robots, and prototypes

Meet Liz Miller, your instructor!

Liz Miller is a robotics engineer with 10+ years of experience who has worked at companies such as Raytheon Technologies, Pratt & Whitney, and Carrier Corporation.

Enroll in our courses, and Learn Robotics with Liz!

Liz found out that she had a knack for working on robots after accidentally attending a robotics club session. Now, she's on a mission to bring others into the robotics industry.

Robotics = Applied Coding + Problem Solving

Liz has a bachelor's degree in Robotics engineering from WPI and worked as a Robotics Engineer, Automation Engineer, and Manufacturing Engineer at Fortune 50 companies. She's taught thousands of students how to get their start in robotics through online courses, and live workshops through Learn Robotics.

Her students have a 99% success rate and the majority go on to pursue advanced careers, leveraging robotics and automation skills they used from her courses. 🌟 4.9/5

She's also the founder and engineer behind Learn Robotics, a successful robotics training company with over 1 million+ visitors and 10's of thousands of students globally.

When you join a Learn Robotics program, you'll get the power of high-value training backed by industry expertise.

Your Roadmap to Robotics

Gain the skills you need to go from zero experience in robotics to working devices and robots!

  • Improve your Technical Repertoire: Understand Coding, Hardware, and Robotics - Build your first robot!

  • Career Excellence: Understand how to apply engineering concepts, get into a top college or role, make more money, and have a job you love!

  • Think like an Engineer: You'll become a better problem-solver and critical thinker, which is invaluable for all areas of your life.

You'll Learn From Engineers (With Actual Industry Experience)

Backed by Engineers and Optimized to make it Fun and Easy for Regular People
Walk away with Technical Skills will get you from Point A (No Background) to Point Z (Functional Code & Devices) by building devices, writing code, and working through examples.

Even if you're not technical, I'll walk you through step-by-step how to write code, build hardware devices, and test everything.

Hands-on Examples. Easy to Understand. Full Roadmap. ZERO Frustration. Use these fundamentals to launch your Technical Career!

What Students Are Saying About Learn Robotics

Hint: We can help you get into robotics faster than you think you can...

“I think this course helped me learn how to program in a very basic and easy way and it showed me how to wire a breadboard. I think this course helps to show the basics of coding and is easy to go through and will most likely make you want to move on to a harder course because of what it teaches you. It also is a fun course with a discussion and you can contact other students or teachers.”

“Liz [from Learn Robotics] shares stuff in a way that I understand better, even after paying for a four-year engineering degree. Must-take course if you're trying to break through fundamental concepts without wasting a lot of time.”

“I need to be involved with folks who are just getting started in robotics. I don’t want the technical-robotic information to be over my head, yet. This is the only site I’ve ever come across that stated they were to here help a newbie.
Thank you!”

“The course is very easy and understandable. It made me more passionate about robotics and helped me build a clear view of this field. Thank you, Learn Robotics! ”

“Because of Learn Robotics, my son, Allen, scored the highest score of a 5 in his AP Computer Science Class in the 9th grade and received college credit. Thank you. Continue the great work!!”

“Liz at Learn Robotics is fantastic! As a female planning to become an engineer, our daughter was extremely encouraged by Liz in her work. Thank you Liz for an amazing program!”

Learn the Learn Robotics Process...

...and Upgrade Your Tech Skills for the Future

  • Technical Training

    Get up to speed with how to think about robotics projects. Then use this knowledge to create your own robots (and apply it to other fields).

  • Have a Competitive Edge

    We'll show you how to get into top schools, get promoted, change careers, and beat the competition. Not a lot of people know robotics, so you'll stand out from the crowd!

  • Improve Your Mind

    This isn't a training where you'll copy a bunch of stuff and that's it. We're going to stretch you to think critically and apply concepts as engineers do. Having a tough mind will help you achieve greatness in engineering and in life.

  • Learn the Repeatable Process

    Coding is very procedural. If you can learn how the process works, you can devise solutions to just about anything!
    We give you the step-by-step process on how to go about solving

  • Create a Technical Project Portfolio

    The Biggest Thing Hiring Managers want to know is what have you built? To break into tech, you need projects you can showcase. You'll create a portfolio of working technical projects.

  • Gain Both Software and Hardware Skills

    Two is better than one, but only if you're best at both. In our program, we will show you how to effectively mix and match coding and electronics to build devices that work in the real world.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're feeling like Learn Robotics might be right for you, the best way to see is by giving us a try. But we understand you might also have questions!

Let's see if we can clear some things up for you:

  • Who is this course for?

    Learn Robotics Coding Mastery for Beginners (Formerly Level 1: Coding & Circuits) was designed to take learners ages 13+ from knowing nothing about robots to being able to understand the robotics industry, write simple code, and design prototypes (no matter their background). Our program is simply described as "FUN" and helps you build a foundation for more advanced robotics projects later.

  • Can't I learn all of this on YouTube?

    YouTube is a fantastic resource with more free tutorials than any individual is capable of watching on improving your robotics skills

    We even produce robotics content and free tutorials for robotics hobbyists on YouTube!

    But a side effect of only learning on YouTube is that you'll waste dozens of hours learning the same thing, searching for tutorials only to find partial answers and not having precise exercises designed to help you truly learn the skills you're after.

    If you want to develop your robotics skills FAST, then Learn Robotics courses are for you.

    Plus, what is your time worth?

    This program will save you weeks of frustrating time searching for answers and rapidly increase your technology, coding, and problem-solving skills.

    For some - that's an investment well spent!

    If your time isn't worth that yet...

    ...Stick to YouTube until it is!

  • What if I'm brand new to coding, robotics, and tech?

    That's awesome! You're in the right spot. We cover the fundamentals and step-by-step process in this course. If you follow along, you'll pick up the skills!

  • Does this program use hardware parts?

    This course can be taken with or without the hardware parts. The Hardware Parts are available through Learn Robotics! We wanted to provide you with a flexible option to take this course.

    Please note there's an extra shipping fee for learners outside of the United States.

  • What do I need to take this course?

    You'll need a computer (any operating system), a Standard USB port, and an Internet connection to complete the course.

    We'll send you instructions on how to purchase the hardware materials upon enrollment (optional, but recommended).

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