You can Build a Robot!

Even if you've never built anything in your life, this course will have you constructing, wiring, and programming an autonomous mobile vehicle. If you have an interest in self-driving cars, robots, and tech, then you'll want to take this course!

  • Learn coding and electronics for robotics

  • Design your own sensor and add features

  • Learn by doing. Develop your robot throughout the course!

  • Receive a Learn Robotics Certificate

Build a Self-Driving Car

Walk away with automation skills while having fun!

Our Level 2, Learn Robotics Online Course makes it easy for individuals to learn to code, work with sensors, and build robots.

Our most popular robotics course is designed for students who enjoy hands-on activities and project-based curriculum and want to build out a project portfolio!

By taking this course you’ll develop foundational robotics skills that will help you develop mobile robots to solve real-world challenges.

Designed and produced in consultation with engineers and National Education Standards, our Build Arduino Robots Online Course should give you experience reading datasheets, interfacing sensor hardware, and creating mechatronic systems that perform specific tasks.

This course can boost your resume by giving you key skills in I/O, hands-on prototyping, mechatronics, DC motor controllers, and technical troubleshooting.
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Build a Mobile Robot

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Course Curriculum

Here's what you'll learn

Pre-Course Tools 

Chapter 1: Introduction 

Chapter 2: Parts of a robot 

Chapter 3: Assembling the robot rover 

Chapter 4: Setting up the software 

Chapter 5: Developing robot autonomy 

Chapter 6: Translating moves to code 

Chapter 7: Receiving data for autonomous decisions 

Chapter 8: Conditional logic and decision making 

Chapter 9: Adding features to the robot rover 

Chapter 10: Finishing touches

Meet Your Instructor

Liz Miller, Robotics Engineer

By equipping people with the right tools, we can empower 1 Million people to build their first robots.

No matter if you’re here for a new hobby or just starting down your career path, we're here to help you through your robotics journey.

Welcome to Learn Robotics!

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Liz Miller, Founder

Take your Electronics + Coding Skills to the Next Level

In this course, we'll build, wire, and program an Autonomous Vehicle


  • What skills do I need to take this course?

    We recommend completing our Level 1 course first and have an understanding of sensors, prototyping with circuits, and C-programming experience. In addition, we recommend touch typing and basic computer skills.

  • Can my child take this course?

    Yes, but we highly recommend that an adult is present if your child is under 14. If your child is more advanced or has programming and robotics experience, this is a great way to supplement their learning and prepare them for college!

  • What does this include?

    This includes access to our Level 2 course plus materials, Live Chat with an Instructor, and Certification.

  • Do you offer credit?

    Our courses are supplemental to school degree programs; however, if your student is enrolled in an Independent Study, we can work with your school to have this program count towards their degree. Contact us after enrollment, and we can help you with this!

  • How long is this course?

    Each course is self-paced, but on average we find that students finish the course within 6 months.

  • If I signed up for Level 1 do I need to sign up for Level 2?

    That's completely up to you!

    If you're ready to start building robots and enjoyed the style of Level 1, we would love to have you in Level 2.

  • Do you offer a discount for taking both Level 1 and Level 2?

    Yes! Click here to enroll in our Robotics Engineering Bundle, which includes both courses and 20% savings!

  • Do I need to buy another kit?

    We expand on the Level 1 kit in our Level 2 course. Level 2 enrollment only includes the add-on components to complete the Level 2 course.

    If you do not have a Level 1 kit or you haven't completed Level 1, we suggest you take that course first or sign up for the Robotics Engineering Bundle.

  • How do I get my Level 2 Kit?

    Upon enrollment, you'll receive instructions on how to receive your kit. Right now we are fulfilling orders within the United States. Shipping is $20 for users in the Continental USA.

Get Both Courses & Save

Join the Robotics Engineering Bundle and save 20%.