You can Build a Robot!

Even if you've never built anything in your life, this course will have you constructing, wiring, and programming an autonomous mobile vehicle. If you have an interest in self-driving cars, robots, and tech, then you'll want to take this course!

  • Full Technical Roadmap: Learn coding and electronics for robotics

  • Work Like an Engineer: Design your own sensor and add features

  • Learn by Doing and Boost Your Critical Thinking Abilities Develop your robot throughout the course!

  • Show Off Your Talent: Walk away with functional projects you can show off to family, friends, and in your career.

Build a Self-Driving Car

For People with Coding Experience Looking for the Easiest Way to Break into Robotics

Our most popular robotics course is designed for students who enjoy hands-on activities and a project-based curriculum and want to build out a robotics project portfolio!

By taking this course you’ll develop foundational robotics skills that will help you develop mobile robots to solve real-world challenges.

This course can boost your resume by giving you key skills in I/O, hands-on prototyping, mechatronics, DC motor controllers, and technical troubleshooting.

Course Curriculum

Here's what you'll learn

Pre-Course Tools 

Chapter 1: Introduction 

Chapter 2: What is a Robot?

Chapter 3: How do you Build a Robot?

Chapter 4: How to Connect Your Computer to a Robot

Chapter 5: What does Automation Mean?

Chapter 6: How to Write Code for Robots

Chapter 7: How to Make Decisions for Robots

Chapter 8: Ways to Make Decisions Using Sensors 

Chapter 9: How to Tie Everything Together (So it Works)

Chapter 10: Debugging, Troubleshooting, and Final Touches

This Isn't Just Any Online Course

You'll be taught directly by Liz Miller, Robotics Engineer

I'm Liz, a robotics engineer and the founder of Learn Robotics.

You're here because you want to build a robot and want to significantly improve your technical skills (congrats!)

Let me show you the ropes. I've taught hundreds (if not thousands) of students over the last decade, and my process has helped students get into IVY League Engineering Schools, land Corporate Engineering Gigs, and have the coolest hobby in their friend group.

I can get you where you want to go in robotics if you let me help you!

Buy my program below, and you can be building robots too! ⚡️

Take your Electronics + Coding Skills to the Next Level

Walk away with a full understanding of robotics and the tools to make your own projects.


  • Who is Learn Robotics for?

    Learn Robotics is designed for beginner learners serious about robotics. We provide the roadmap to inspire students to pursue technical careers while gaining tangible skills. If you're just starting out, we recommend starting with Level 1 and then moving to Level 2.

  • I have coding and tech experience. Is this for me?


    If you've never programmed hardware before, we recommend starting with Level 1.

    If you have intermediate programming skills, we recommend signing up for the Level 1 and Level 2 Robotics Engineering Bundle.

    If you have an advanced 4-year+ Robotics Engineering Degree, then this probably isn't for you unless you need a quick refresher!

  • What if I need help? Can I work with someone?

    Yes, we have a built-in live chat system that will connect you with a Learn Robotics Instructor. You can ask questions and receive help while you're working through the courses.

    For individualized, 1-to-1 training, you can apply for our Elite Engineering Academy and work with Liz directly.

For Coding + Robots, Join the Engineering Bundle

Buy the Bundle and Have Both Courses (and everything you need) to understand robotics.