Learn Circuits and Coding

This course is designed for Absolute Beginners. If you’re interested in electronics and programming, then you’re ready to take this course! This course can be taken by learners ages 14+ (8+ with an adult) who have little to no experience coding or working with electronics.

  • Learn coding and electronics

  • Work with sensors to collect data

  • Learn by doing. Build and code throughout the course!

  • Receive a Learn Robotics Certificate

Explore the Exciting World of Electronics!

Gain coding and circuit skills at home

Have fun and learn about electronics and sensors with hands-on lessons that you can complete at-home!

Designed and produced in consultation with engineers and National Education Standards, our Arduino for Beginners Online Course should give you the practical tech skills to get a jumpstart on your career.

Learn directly from Learn Robotics Engineers and gain fundamental skills in circuits, sensors, signal processing, and Inputs/Outputs (I/O). Walk away with a working electronic device to understand how data is collected from sensors.
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By enrolling in this course, you'll unlock the tools you need to be successful in coding and electronics!

  • Computer with internet access

  • Learn Robotics Level 1 Mini Kit

  • An excitement for coding, electronics, and tech!

Meet Your Instructor

Liz Miller, Robotics Engineer

By equipping people with the right tools, we can empower 1 Million people to build their first robots.

No matter if you’re here for a new hobby or just starting down your career path, we're here to help you through your robotics journey.

Welcome to Learn Robotics!

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Liz Miller, Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this course for?

    This course is designed for beginners (Ages 14+) interested in learning how to program circuits and electronic devices. You'll learn the fundamentals of wiring up components to build a working device.

  • Can my child take this course or is this for adults?

    Yes, but we highly recommend that an adult is present if your child is under 14. If your child is more advanced or has programming and robotics experience, this is a great way to supplement their learning and prepare them for college!

  • Do I need to know coding to take this course?

    No, you don't!

    Prior programming experience is helpful, but not required. We cover the fundamentals to help you get started!

  • How long is this course?

    The course is self-paced, but on average we find that students finish within 6 months.

  • What is included with the course subscription?

    You'll have access to Live Chat with our Robotics Engineering instructors, All Course Lessons, and Projects, and Downloads.

    Upon successful enrollment, you will also receive the kit of parts needed to successfully complete the projects in the course.

  • Does this program include the hardware parts?

    Yes! Right now we are fulfilling orders within the United States. Shipping is $10 for users in the Continental USA.

  • How is this different from XYZ course?

    We created this course to connect our students with Industry Engineering Professionals. While you're learning the content, you can contact our engineers via Live Chat and ask questions.

    Also, when you successfully complete the course, you'll be able to list Learn Robotics on any professional application. This is great if you're looking to get into the robotics field or start a technical degree program!

  • Do you offer High School Credit?

    Our courses are supplemental to high school degree programs; however, if your student is enrolled in an Independent Study, we can work with your school to have this program count towards their degree.

    Contact us after enrollment, and we can help you with this!

  • I have a question not listed. Who can I contact?

    Contact us at info@learnrobotics.org or dial 470-231-7659 and ask for Individual Enrollment.

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What Students are Saying

Helped me learn to code easily

Kimberly W, Student

I think this course helped me learn how to program in a very basic and easy way and it showed me how to wire a breadboard. I think this course helps to show the basics of coding and is easy to go through and will most likely make you want to move on to a harder course because of what it teaches you. It also is a fun course with a discussion and you can contact other students or teachers.

Must-Take Course for Professionals

Jane Connolly-Spencer, Special Projects Engineer

Liz [from Learn Robotics] shares stuff in a way that I understand better, even after paying for a four-year engineering degree. Must-take course if you're trying to break through fundamental concepts without wasting a lot of time.

Great for Teachers

Michael L, STEM Teacher

I need to be involved with folks who are just getting started in robotics. I don’t want the technical-robotic information to be over my head, yet. This is the only site I’ve ever come across that stated they were to here help a newbie.
Thank you!

More Passionate about Robots

Zehor l, Student

The course is very easy and understandable. It made me more passionate about robotics and helped me build a clear view of this field. Thank you, Learn Robotics!

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