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With over 85 Million Robotics Jobs Expected by 2025, it's time to upgrade your technical toolbelt. Learn Robotics can help!

You will learn how to code, build circuits, make robots, and have the life-long critical thinking skills to design your own projects. You can gain technical skills on-demand, from anywhere, while building your project portfolio.

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The new, smart way to LAUNCH 🚀 into coding with a clear and easy roadmap:
Gain 1-year access to the easy-to-follow, step by step Coding Training
Implement the coding principles in real-time, regardless of your level of expertise
Collaborate with Liz and the Learn Robotics Team to enhance your new-found knowledge
Update and improve your resume to have your new skills make you more money in a fraction of the time of a degree program
Build your first robot and have an exciting, fulfilling, and high level of personal satisfaction in your life
In the Coding Training, you'll learn exactly...
How to "demystify" coding and then use simple principles to create your own projects
How to position your skills so that you're the #1 choice for a promotion or new technical job
The system you can leverage to debug any type of computer code, regardless of the language 
How to find endless job opportunities that maximize your skillset while making you the most money 
The small tweaks you can make to continually improve your craft and become a top player in the industry

and much, much more.

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Julia — Zero robotics background to pursuing Mechanical Engineering career.

Allen — Confident to pursue engineering projects. Won multiple Science Fairs with Tech Invention

Angel P — Hourly IT job to Robotics Engineering Career at Amazon

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Student Success Stories

Go from Beginner to Coder!

Helped me learn to code easily

Kimberly W, Student

I think this course helped me learn how to program in a very basic and easy way and it showed me how to wire a breadboard. I think this course helps to show the basics of coding and is easy to go through and will most likely make you want to move on to a harder course because of what it teaches you. It also is a fun course with a discussion and you can contact other students or teachers.

Must-Take Course for Professionals

Jane Connolly-Spencer, Special Projects Engineer

Liz [from Learn Robotics] shares stuff in a way that I understand better, even after paying for a four-year engineering degree. Must-take course if you're trying to break through fundamental concepts without wasting a lot of time.

Great for Teachers

Michael L, STEM Teacher

I need to be involved with folks who are just getting started in robotics. I don’t want the technical-robotic information to be over my head, yet. This is the only site I’ve ever come across that stated they were to here help a newbie.
Thank you!

More Passionate about Robots

Zehor l, Student

The course is very easy and understandable. It made me more passionate about robotics and helped me build a clear view of this field. Thank you, Learn Robotics!


  • Who is Learn Robotics for?

    Learn Robotics is designed for beginners looking for an easy way to get into coding and robotics.

  • Are the robots included?

    Robots, tools, and parts are sold separately. The first module of the course talks about what you need and how to buy it.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    Your enrollment includes 1-year unlimited access to the full training course. Once you enroll, you have instant access to start learning now.

  • Why should I take this course?

    To easily learn to code without any guesswork. If you follow our program you have no choice but to advance your technical skills.