Virtual Robotics Class

8-Week Live Training focused on giving you a full exploration of the robotics industry.

LRT gives you the opportunity to learn from Liz Miller, Robotics Engineer, and your fellow classmates through a variety of robotics and tech experiences!

  • Hands-on walk-through of robotics from "bots" to "automations" to physical prototypes

  • Live class sessions: Meet as a group online each week to cover course material and ask questions.

  • Weekly tech challenges: Tackle weekly challenges across coding, robotics, and automations to enrich your tech portfolio.

  • Exclusive resources and worksheets: Get exclusive resources and worksheets, designed by your instructor, to track progress, make decisions, and more.


Each week, you and your classmates will learn from Liz and other expert robotics guests about the topic of the week.

The course is structured to follow you step-by-step as you learn and grow from robotics rookie to first-time robot-builder.

Meet your instructor,

Liz Miller, Robotics Engineer

Liz is the founder of Learn Robotics. She built her first robot in 2008 and since then has built hundreds of robots across corporate and start-up robotics fields. She has experience in industrial automation, manufacturing, business bots, and systems projects. Liz credits much of her success to leveraging her robotics knowledge to land 1 out of 30 spots in a Corporate Leadership Program.

Are you ready to learn how to build your first robot...

...and add technical skills to your arsenal?

Join our 8-week live training designed to prepare robotics rookies like you to take the first step toward technical flexibility and hi-tech career growth.