Special Topics Robotics

This 8-week course is designed for intermediate learners. This is for students interested or curious about a variety of robotics topics but aren't sure what projects to build. We cover a lot of random concepts in robotics that will help learners build interdisciplinary skills. By the end of the course, you'll understand cross-functional areas in robotics and have 8 different projects to show off!

  • 60-day Project-Based Course for Intermediate Learners.

  • Gain experience in soldering, prototyping, IoT, and more!

  • Learn from your phone, from anywhere - 100% online content.

  • For young adults & professionals with robotics experience.

  • Fill in the gaps across interdisciplinary robotics topics.

  • Walk away with a technical portfolio of projects.

Course Curriculum

Designed for Intermediate Learners

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    • Lesson 1: Arduino RGB LED Project

    • Lesson 2: Glowing Ghosts Circuit Project

    • Lesson 3: Robot Jeep Assembly

    • Lesson 4: Robot Jeep Programming

    • Lesson 5: Robot Jeep Motor Control

    • Lesson 6: Servo control with potentiometer

    • Lesson 7: Internet of Things (Publish Data)

    • Lesson 8: Internet of Things (Fetch Data)

    • What to learn next?

Not sure what to work on next?

Take our 8-week portfolio course and walk away with a variety of robotics and electronics projects.