Tech Classes Taught by Robotics Engineers

Walk away with these skills in Emerging Technologies

  • Coding & Programming

    Come and explore the power of computer programming using state-of-the-art tools and technology. Students will learn modern languages from Scratch to Python to C/C++.

  • Robotics

    Built on a coding foundation, this program will cover everything robotics - starting from "what is a robot" to programming a robot. Learn robotic concepts, operating principles, and algorithms.

  • 3D Printing

    Do you dream of designing toys, parts, or new products, but don't know where to start? Join this program to learn every detail of additive manufacturing including ideation, modeling, and 3D Printing.

STEM Programs for Students (8+)

Robotics Workshops + Makerspace Serving Southwest Florida

Studio by Learn Robotics is designed to introduce you to the best technical tools and courses in a fun and interactive lab environment. Join a course and build your coding, robotics, and electronics skills, and so much more!

Studio Schedule

Workshops are held on Mondays and Wednesdays for 60 minutes.

Enrolling is simple and membership includes 1 weekly workshop at Learn Robotics Studio.

Start your membership at any time, and gain the flexibility to Learn Robotics when it's most convenient for you!

Walk away from each workshop with a new tech gadget and the skills to succeed in technical fields.

Need Help Enrolling? Call us! 239-74-ROBOT.

Registration & Enrollment (Fort Myers)

Receive a FREE Learn Robotics Kit when you sign up today!

  • $199.00 first payment, $99.00 / month onwards

    Monday (4PM) - 1x Weekly

  • $199.00 first payment, $99.00 / month onwards

    Wednesday (5PM) - 1x Weekly


What Students are Saying

Recent Testimonials from Learn Robotics Students

Helpful for beginners

Cassandra A.

I found this course quite helpful as a beginner's entry into programming. The course was organized well and the coding assignments were effective at teaching new concepts while also encouraging experimentation with the code.

Passion for Tech

Lazaro D.

Taking this class has opened a door for me that maybe would have been remained locked forever. Therefore I feel grateful and motivated to continue learning.

Every week I was able to be creative...

Adrian T.

A picture is worth a thousand words and I would show others what I was able to do through Learn Robotics. Every week, I was able to be creative and apply my knowledge to a new project and think the best way to advocate for this program is to show others the products.

Fun While Learning

Eric N.

I went from a home hobbyist to understanding the code thanks to this course. [You] will be able to gain a solid foundational base through Learn Robotics, and it’s also fun!

Meet Your Instructor

Senior Instructor

Liz Miller

Liz is the Founder of Learn Robotics. She holds a B.S. in Robotics Engineering from WPI and has experience ranging from Robotics Research at UPenn, Teaching at MIT, and Automated Manufacturing Engineering at United Technologies. Liz's courses are designed so that everyone can follow along, gain technical skills, and grow their careers.


Questions? We have answers!

  • When are classes held?

    You may attend 1 class per week on the day/time that works best for you. Our Studio is open on Mondays (4 PM - 5 PM) and Wednesdays (5 PM - 6 PM). You may select either of these options when you register online.

  • Where are you located?

    We are located in Fort Myers off of I-75 Colonial Blvd and 6-Mile Cypress. Click here to get directions.

  • Do I need to bring anything to class?

    Yes, you will need to bring a computer to class (Windows, Mac, or Chromebook). If you don't have a computer, you may rent one for use in the class. When you enroll, you'll also receive a robotics kit. You must bring your kit with you to class. We are minimizing the spread of germs by supplying each person with their own parts.

  • What age group is this for?

    We are serving students ages 8+. Parents may attend with students under 14.

  • Do you have virtual classes?

    Yes, we do. Click here to view the online programs.

  • Do you have 1-to-1 Individual Lessons?

    Yes, we have virtual live lessons. Click here to book your individual virtual class.

  • Why is the first payment higher than the monthly subscription?

    The first payment includes your $99 monthly registration fee plus a $100 equipment fee, which covers your Learn Robotics Studio Kit. This kit is yours to keep, so you can take it home and work on projects between workshops. We are minimizing the spread of germs by providing everyone with their own set of parts. (Plus, who likes to share, anyway?)

  • Do you offer Military or First Responder Discounts?

    Yes, we do! Thank you for your service! Use the access code GOUSA at checkout to save 5%. Scouts honor. Please only use this code if you are in the Military or a First Responder. It's bad luck if you use this code without being either.

  • I need help enrolling! Can you help me?

    Yes, give us a call! 239-74-ROBOT and we can help you enroll over the phone.